Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s really nice to see you all looking so calm and relaxed- peaceful. Well.. That’s what I behold.

I’m here to discuss a part from Baruch Spinozas quote “Peace is not the absence of war”. My interpretation of the subject might not be obvious, but I’d like to introduce you to a certain subject. Namely, mental disorders. Let’s start with depression- an illness that is regularly ignored and barely noticeable. Usually the person with this kind of disorder acts calmly, without any rush or excitement, while inside there’s a huge struggle- a real war. But do we see any of it?

Moving on to a paranoid schizophrenia. It’s symptoms are mainly hallucinations and delusions. People become aggressive, they lie and might be dangerous for themselves as much as for the surrounding, because of “the voices”. We wouldn’t, for sure, describe their behavior as peaceful.

Wow… It’s really nice to see you looking at me so peacefully..

But coming back to the topic, one prominent example of a person with paranoid schizophrenia was John Forbes Nash- a great mathematician, laureate of The Nobel Prize. The illness caused him a lot of trouble in life. He was dismissed from his dream job, his wife Alicia left him and so did his friends. Not an easy life, huh?
But his research led to solvation of many economical problems. It’s commonly known that money rules the world, so we can say with a clean conscience that John Nash prevented many wars with his own war lasting in the background.

Coming back to where I started… It’ really nice to see you all here looking so calm and relaxed- peaceful. In fact, what I assume is that there is a real war running in your heads right now.

“Should I text him or should I wait for him to do that..?”

But you all look so, so peaceful.

The struggle continues at every moment of our lives. Me is fighting with me and all I show.. is peace.

What I want to say is that peace is NOT the absence of war. Peace is the result of war. One cannot last without the other. Polish people say: “There’s no smoke without fire” and as a Pole I say: “There’s no peace without war”.

Thank you.